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Personalized Videos - 2

This video slideshow is one of the most memorable videos for my sister (cousin), me and all those who you see in this video. Here you'll see my mother, my sister, her mother-in-law, her children, other family members and of course 'me'! enjoying with each other.


I had shot this video in India when I visited my sister after going from US for the first time.


The dance, the song, the music and the presence of all those wonderful people in my family makes this video as one of the most touching videos for us.


For years all these people have not met together again, but they have this CD that I presented to them immediately after creating this video.


So whenever I want to see them together - I just turn my PC on, put this CD in the drive and play this video - And there I can see them right in front of me, just before my eyes as if it all happened just yesterday....


I wish every family in this world had a camera to capture those rare moments in their life...


 Rare moments in my life... !


They watch, they see, they hear, they feel, they get emotional and they call and thank me..."Sanju, you gave us our memories in the form of this CD -- thank you so much, son..."


Did you make a day worth remembering for someone?


Click here to let us know and share with us the 'other side' of the man/women in you, who, perhaps, somehow somewhere got too busy in today's world!


Do something in life, touch the lives of your loved ones in the most special way, bring a smile on their faces and fill their life with so much happiness and wonderful sunrises that they cannot help loving you....


That's why I always say;


Don't just gift "gifts" - Gift Emotions....!



May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi



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