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Wear your 'Love' each day!



Wow! That looks awesome!


It’s great!... Marvelous!


How cute!… where did you get this from? "

Well, these are just a few of the 'many' compliments that you need to be ready for IF you do what you are here for… i.e. create your very own personalized t-shirt!


So, are you ready?


Imagine the reaction of friends when you enter the room wearing a t-shirt that has a photo of someone (or something!) close to you or a cool message printed on it?

Don't be surprised if they jump out of their chairs and say 'What  - Is  - THAT?'...


Well, I'm sure you can very well imagine the reaction or should I say chain of reactions once they see your personalized shirt/t-shirt. That's what catches the eye and wins the heart of people. That's what's called "Personalization!"

Personalized T-Shirt from Choiceshirt

So, what exactly is a personalized shirt or a personalized T-Shirt and what makes it SO special?

Simply speaking, a personalized t-shirt is the one that has your photo or photo of anyone or anything you love and/or a text message of your choice. This could be from the coolest of the messages that reflect your personality to the hottest of the photo that shows 'YOU'!

Whatever it is, personalized t-shirts make you a distinct personality who is recognized by his style of their own. That's why I say "Don't follow trend - Create It!"

Grandpa's T-Shirt This reminds me of a friend of mine who got the tiny little hand prints of his 6 months old daughter on this t-shirt! - that's another way personalization! - See?

Like I always say, the main thing is the idea and the thought behind the gift that makes it special, all other things come after that.

Second ingredient to that is your imagination. How much can you expand the limits of your imagination? The more open your mind is to thoughts the more variety you can 'develop'!

If you combine both, what emerges is a classic piece of personalized art, which, in this case, is your personalized t-shirt.


Don't buy simple shirts - personalize them!

Next time when you think of buying a t-shirt or you wish to gift a t-shirt to someone - Stop!  Think for a second, imagine, look around and answer these questions...
Personalized Family T-Shirt How many people do you see around you who wear shirt/t-shirt that has a picture of their family member or of someone special to them, on it?

Well, you may find plenty of them with 'Company Logo', but what I am saying is a 'picture of or a message from their family member or someone close to them'.

What is different about those people who wear personalized shirts. Why do they take 'extra' pride in wearing their t-shirt in public?

I know of a guy who scanned the picture of his beloved's lips and got it printed on the pocket of his t-shirt! He says "Her kiss rests next to my heart! (what a thought!!)

Personalized Dog T-Shirt
I Love You T-Shirt How many people have you met who even get emotional when they talk about a shirt or a t-shirt gifted to them by someone very close to them?

The fact is that we are always ready to wear shirt/t-shirt that has other company's logo or prints on it. We are also ready to wear shirts/t-shirts that advertises certain product for someone else, but, how many of us make a sincere effort of giving that personal touch to our gifts, to our t-shirts that can express 'our' love?

I'm not saying that you don't make any effort, but you know what I am talking about - Right?


A message which is not a logo but a heartfelt feeling, a gesture, an emotion...


Stop wearing logos...wear LOVE!


Let your next t-shirt be your own creation of love. Unfold your imagination and let those creative juices flow out of your head and heart!

Start here! and see what happens when it comes to wearing your own love! or the love of someone YOU love!

Look at it this way…

Personalized Shirt for DadLet’s say it’s your father’s birthday coming up this week and you wish to gift him a nice shirt. Good Choice!

So what do you do next?

Though, even if you were to gift just a simple shirt to your DAD, he’d accept it with utmost delight (you know fathers are always great when it comes to loving their child’s sentiments - right?). But, what if you could REALLY make it that special as you always want it to be.


Now you asked the right question! and the answer is "It’s Simple."

Yes, it is simple!... very simple!

You don’t buy a simple shirt, instead, you make a personalized shirt/t-shirt for him.

No, No... you don't have to make a t-shirt, you just have to personalize it with your photo or message on the already made t-shirt! (I'm sorry if that 'make' confused you !!!)

Alright, now the next question is how and with what would you personalize his t-shirt?


Well, give it a thought! or maybe I can help you with this one. Read on!


Put your Photo & personalized message on the Shirt!


That's correct!


Put your photo and your personalized message on that t-shirt for him. Or better yet, put the photo that has you and you DAD in it. He'll simply love it!

Father's Day T-Shirt You could pick the photo of those wonderful times when you were his little adorable lad who played on his laps -Infant days, you know?

You could also pick the best picture of your ‘DAD’ and use it to personalize this special gift for him or a picture of anything that he loves - a pet, game etc. Ask me and I'll say 'Your Photo!'

Now, I don't know about you but I am getting really excited about your project.

I am trying to visualize and imagine his feelings when he'll actually see and wear this personalized t-shirt which you are creating for him - "so passionately"!

I think I must wait and watch...

Now, after selecting the photo, try describing your feelings for him in a line or two.

I know you'll say "You must be joking, Sanjiv. How can I describe my feelings, my love for him in 1 or 2 lines?"

Well, I know it’s difficult, but then, the gift has to be really special and it would be incomplete without your fragrance of love. Number of words don't count my friend. So spread it across and let him feel it.


Now, as you select that special line for him, there's one little thing that I can tell you about your feelings (granted that I don't know you, but I know as a son myself!), and that is:

Personalized Shirt

No matter what you select or write, I know that you love your DAD more than any line in this world could ever explain…


and if you are reading this page up to this line, I can even bet on this… don't worry about what to write, just write it!


Once you get that done, the next step is pretty simple. Look here;
  • Log on to a good site that provides you the facility to create personalized or customized shirts and t-shirts. (more on this below).
  • Select the shirt of your choice and the size that would fit your father.
  • Upload the selected picture that you wish to put onto the shirt.
  • Add your love line (your feelings for your PAPA or your message for him) and
  • Checkout...

That’s it!

And your t-shirt which was simple when you began the search is now a highly personalized gift for your beloved father… Congrats! Do give him my regards as well...okay?

Designer T-Shirt

So you see what you did with that simple shirt?


You added Love to it. You added feelings to it. You added a bit of your own self and what you created is a highly personalized gift for - Your Dad!


Personalization goes a long way my dear friend. Personalized Gift always go that extra mile more than any other gift...... believe me...



...and the World would See!

Now imagine the day when you’d gift the personalized shirt to your Dad. Just visualize him wearing it on his birthday. All the people around him, each and every person he meets and greets would see the picture and your message on your father’s shirt and would give him all the complements that you saw above…. Remember?



" Wow! That looks awesome... It’s great!... Marvelous. How cute!… where did you get this from? "



Remember?... and your DAD? What would he do?

Your proud Dad would point a finger towards you and proudly say ‘He gifted it to son'.

You heard it? I mean, did you REALLY hear it?. I'm sure you did, because even I can hear him say that about you.

Believe it or not, but you just gave your DAD the Best Gift that he could ever have got after …..


after what?

Off course after YOUR BIRTH... the Best Gift for him was always your Birth! Everything for him comes only after YOU... that's what Dad's love is all about, you know? and that's why God called HIM - a Father...

Wish your Dad a very Happy Birthday from all of us here at gifting-emotions!

Some Gifts, are REALLY not just Gifts... isn't it ?!


Well, that was just an example and there is no intension to say that Personalized t-Shirts are just limited to Dads.

Whoever you gift it to, will remember you for life and If you don't believe me - just try gifting it once! You'll see it for yourself.


O.K. ok... I know what you are saying now.

Custom I Love You T-Shirt

I know I told you to log onto some good sites but which are those good sites anyway.

Is it really worth going there? Is there anything else that you can get in a Personalized Shirt? Any options, any style ...etc

Off Course You can. I feel, when it comes to personalization of your gifts you can only be limited by your own imagination... nothing else! So here we go...


They do what they say!

Hold on a second and I'll tell you a few places where you can not only find the best Personalized Shirts but you get the opportunity to show your creative talent to any extreme... and by THAT I do mean any extreme!

Play with your imagination and create un-imaginable Personalized Shirts. PLUS some of them also let you have your own online shop for personalized gifts. So don't limit yourself to just one shirt for yourself or for that special someone, instead, spread your talent and help others achieve the same satisfaction of gifting their loved ones - something extraordionary!! - Good Luck and keep reading !
T-Shirts by ChoiceShirts

A GEM of a site.


You get to see one of the best collection of categories in personalization of shirts.

If you haven't been there yet now is the time to satisfy your quest for perfect variety.

You'll be thrilled to see categories ranging from Family characters, Photo Shirts, Headshot creations to many other options!

Click here for the choicest Shirts!
One of the best places I have ever seen for my personalization needs.

Not only does it give you the products of varied choices it lets you create your own personalized memories as well.

Once there, click on Create a Product tab to create your own personalized products.

Options? - Mind-blowing!!


A very user friendly site that gives you all the tools and help you need to turn your thoughts into a Reality.


Not only this, if you are one of those creative species! - you just found a place to earn as well!!


Click here to zoom in and Zazzle yourself!

T-Shirts by

Find or Create Pet T-shirts @ CafePress

If you are one of those creative souls, there's this whole world waiting for you at Cafepress!

Not only does Cafepress lets you create your personalized t-shirts for your loved ones, it also gives you an opportunity to design products for others thereby helping you to make money as well!

Click here to learn more about it.
A Perfect match for your personalized t-shirt search, shirtcity gives you all that you need to make that sensational design.

And if you enter in the contest, who knows you just might win a jackpot!!

Similar to Cafepress, Shirtcity too gives you the ability to test your skills and help you open personalized gift-shop online.

So the next time you give personalized t-shirt, give it from "your own shop" !!

Click here to know more about it.

T-Shirts by

DesignAShirt is another place that can satisfy your quest of an exceptional personalized t-shirt.

What I like about this site is the simple look and feel and its control panel when you go to design your own t-shirt. I simply like it very much.

Find out if it is for you! - Click Here!

A beautiful site!

Dedicated to the world of personalized shirts, Spreadshirt is a real treasure house.

A good user friendly interface that stirs your creative side and sets you going...

Just think of an idea and you have it there. One of the world's most sought after sites in personalized shirts.

See it to believe it!...Click here to enter this Designer House. 

T-Shirts by  


Comboutique FREE shipping on your custom t-shirt

Comboutique is another good place to order your personalized t-shirts from.

It gives you free shipping on every order as you can see in the picture ion the side.

Like Shirtcity and Cafepress, Comboutique too gives you an opportunity to open your online shop and give your designing talent a bright chance. Who knows, you just might be the next best designer on the web!!

Click here and explore new horizons!


So now you know where to find your personalized shirt... Right?

I have tried to give the best possible places that can really help you turn a simple thought about shirt/t-shirt into an extra-ordinary piece of memory. So take your time, visit each of them, learn about the features that each has and then create your very own style of personalization.

Don't forget to put your heart in anything that you create because what you feel and how you feel gets reflected in what you do and how you do. So make it personal, make it "REALLY" special.


And never ever forget that "Some Gifts, are not just Gifts... they are Emotions..."


May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi



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