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"A Rose with a Heart!"

My Love on our Ring Ceremony

'I Do... Until Death Do Us Apart' .... My Beautiful Rose - My Wife

I still hold it close to my heart. I can still feel the love, the tenderness and the warmth of her lips on each and every petal of the most beautiful personalized rose, my 'First Rose' that my Meenu (my beautiful wife) gifted to me.

The day was 11th of May, 2004.  Our first marriage anniversary.

Personalized Anniversary Rose

Today, as I you read this page, that beautiful rose is exactly days old.  But for me, it is as fresh as it was on the day my love gave me with an unforgettable kiss.

Ask me how I felt and a chill runs through my spine even today! - that's how I felt that day!


My 'First Rose' is the only gift that rules over every other gift that I've ever received in my life till today and needless to say that it will rule my heart till my last breath....

Remember the Roses!

They say "...there's nothing like the first kiss..."


I love to say "...there's nothing like the personalized rose...".


All Personalized Roses  

And what if the tender petals of the beautiful rose could bear the name of your Love or a touching message for her as if to say "I blossom in this world only for you"!?

What if they could speak for you...

Sounds Romantic - isn't it?

Well, if you wish to see what am I talking (or rather writing) about then please take a moment to see the following images of expression and feel the intensity - yourself.

personalized rose, I love you rose personalized rose - missing you
personalized thank you rose Personalized Anniversary Rose
personalized I love you rose personalized birthday rose
personalized rose dome personalized oval rose dome

Well, well well...Did I not say you'll be all thrilled to see them?

And if YOU are that much excited, just imagine the excitement of your Love when she'll see the height of your feelings for her being expressed by these personalized roses specially and carefully chosen 'only for her'.

Your personalized rose gift, like my 'first rose', is bound to become the most memorable gift for her. And for this - you can count on my words…

So, are you still with me?

Yes? Great...


That means that there IS someone really special in your life and you are looking to surprise him/her with your thoughtful gift!... Good!

That's what I love about being in Love... you are always prepared to walk that little extra mile just to see a smile on her face...

Well, now that you have come this far for your 'real' heart-throb, let us select the 'Special Rose' that you'd like to present or gift to her.


But first, let us stop and 'hear' what the roses speak!

They speak for YOU....are you listening?

Yes, Roses have a language of their own - Language of Love. And if they are personalized roses, then not only do they speak but they speak love for you!

They say a rose is worth a thousand words and If that is true then why not take their help to let your loved ones know that you love and care for them!

Let your personalized roses speak for you!

Given below is the classification of all the types of roses and the meaning/moments/events and occasions that they represent. I am sure you would find your flower in it - A rose, that can speak for you - Good Luck!

Rose Color What they Mean
Red Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congratulations, Respect, Passion
Red (Dark) Unconscious Beauty
Red (Single) You are the only one
White Purity, Innocence, Silence, Humility, Reverence
Pink Appreciation, Thank You, Grace, Gentleness
Pink (Deep) Thank You
Yellow Joy, Gladness, Delight, Friendship, Freedom
Orange Desire, Enthusiasm
Red + White Unity, Harmony
Red + Yellow Jovial and Happy Feeling
Lavender Sublime Desire
Thornless Rose Love at First Sight


Now all you have to do is select the right type of Rose for your occasion and write in your message that you'd want to embossed on the tender petals of your beautiful Rose....and that's it. The rest will be taken care of by the company you choose to send this personalized rose from.

Print your photos on the Rose!

Did I say that you could even print your photos on the Rose?


Yes, of course you can! You really can do it. Print a real photo on the petals of a 'real' rose and surprise whoever you sent it to. Never ever in their life would they have received such a wonderful and amazing gift.


  I'm sure by now you'd have already sent in your request for your personalized rose for your Love.

If not, I'm sure you'd send it in a moment or two.

Whatever be the case, whether you send your rose to your love from this site or from anywhere else in the world, I'd like to make a wish for you...and the wish is...


“May every tender petal of the rose you choose, carry your heartfelt love to the ones you love..."


A Rose is a Rose …is always a Rose…

So if you love someone and your heart throbs for that special one, do something you may not have ever done before - Gift her a Rose today...a personalized rose and make her feel that she is not only important… but THE important part in your life…

My Saloni!

My Saloni!

I am not saying this to you just because I feel I can help you find your personalized rose... but I am saying this because I know that there are some people in everyone’s life who mean the whole world to them… people, who mean much more than their own life… and above all...

I'm not alone! My LOVE is inside my Heart and I Thank it for being 'My Love'...

"...I ask you because exactly days ago, I received a Rose, a Beautiful Rose - my 'First Rose' and it still is the best gift that I could ever have received in my entire life..."


If you don’t believe me, send a personalized rose today to someone you truly love …you’ll know what I am talking about…

I hope all this information that I just shared would help you find your personalized rose for the person you love. If it did, I would like to hear about your experience. If it did not, I would like to know where I failed, if at all I failed. Please click here to write to me.


And last but the most important;


I dedicate this page to my life - my wife - my Meenu. She is the reason that I could write this page. She is the reason I could talk to you today. It was only when she came in my life that I realized that life was meaningless without her, absolutely incomplete.

She is my inspiration, my soul, my whole world. She is - My LOVE...


May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi



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