Gifting Emotions isCouple Ring and Roses  all about gifts, emotions & personalization!

It’s about love and Passion.

It’s about care.

It's about that million dollar smile on the face of that special person you love from the depth of your heart.

It’s about your feelings and your emotions that you weave into every gift that you give...


And above all, it’s all about YOU…… and the Heart within you…


Just about the other day I was talking to "Sanjiv" about gifts (I talk to myself a lot, you know!!), and he made one of the most thoughtful statements to me ever. He said;





And after sometime I realized how true it was!


We all exchange gifts - Right? - but what is it that makes a gift "REALLY SPECIAL"?


When I give a gift to someone, I often ask myself, what can I do to make this gift an unforgettable experience for the person I am gifting it to?


And believe me, sometimes, the answer could be as easy and moving as calling your mom from 10,000 miles away at 2'O clock in night - just to say, "I Love You, Ma......"


Did you see that? Did you feel it? Do you think that was an expensive gift?


Ask your Mom the next time you give her a call!


You know its all a matter of how and what you do to make even the most ordinary moment - extra-ordinary! to make the other person's day that special!!


Well, I kept on answering my own questions after questions and BOOM! - that's how and why this journey towards started!


Interesting! - Isn't it?



Gifts, Gifts & more Gifts!



Yes, this site talks about gifts, really special gifts, a whole world of gifts. Not only this, if you are someone who finds it difficult to decide on 'what to gift?' we can even hold your hand and take you exactly to the gift of your choice, and the best part is - You would be the one to say "Yes, that's what I wanted" :)


Need any Idea for Gift? Any special person in your life? Want to show that special someone how much you care?


Well, just step into the doors of this treasure-house, and you'd realize what I mean when I say "Passion" and "Love" for gifting!



"Ooooo!! - Is that for me Grand-Ma ??" -



We all Love Gifts - Isn't it?



Gifts are a great way to express Love, care, emotions, feelings, appreciation and all forms of expressions. They speak volumes about you and the heart within you. They let others know how you think and how you feel..... In other words, they speak for you!


So, let's create that memorable and ever lasting impression on the minds and hearts of the people who mean so much to you.

Let's create that gift that they would receive with heart and not just by hands !!!



So please allow me to extend a warm welcome to you on this land of dreams, love, emotions and of course ~ a whole world of gifts.... and a great opportunity to say "You Care....."!


Gifting Flowers



Welcome, to the

because some gifts...


May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi



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