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"Emotionally Yours" is a monthly newsletter/e-zine from It will not only give you best and unique ideas for the best gifts, it will also make a BIG difference in the way you gift and your style of gifting.


It will also share stories of few of the most moving and heart touching gifts and gifting experiences that our valued visitors like YOU, share with us.


It will also let you know when and what changes I do to so that you are never left behind.


Who is this e-zine for?

If you are one of those who always wish to give nothing but the best gift for the loved ones in their life...


If you are one of those for whom the definition of "best gift" is not 'expensive' gift... 


If you are one of those who believe that it is NOT the money that makes a gift "Special", rather, it is the love, the affection, care, kindness, feelings and emotions of the gift giver that counts...

Emotionally Yours!  --   Sanjiv Tyagi


If you are one of those who do not mind, but love, going that 'extra mile' to 'find' the best gift for those special some ones, even if it would mean traveling in the heat (and I do mean literally in the heat of the sun)...


& If you are one of those who may just have a dollar in their pocket but in whom rests the golden heart full of love and emotions, wanting to gift the world to the ones they love...




"Emotionally Yours" IS definitely for you.


Remember this statement?





That's what I believe, and I also believe that "Only money can never buy the best gift"


Money can buy a gift but it is YOU who has to make it the BEST by involving yourself, your love, your care, your affection, your feelings, your emotions into it.


And "Emotionally Yours" is what will help you make your gift the "Best Gift" and complete this beautiful journey from one heart to the other...


So subscribe now! and get ready for all the "Best Gifts" in your life...


Discover the 'art of gifting' from "Emotionally Yours". And the best thing is - "Its all within YOU"... You just need to discover it!


So let people know you for what you gift and how you gift...


Let's start here...



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May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi







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