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About me!

Well, I don't know what to say about myself. I had thought of not writing this page, but my wife Meenakshi (Meenu as I call her) would just not let me stay behind the pages. She insisted that I should share with you all my love, feelings and emotions personally.  

Me and My Better-Half

She said,


“If ‘bringing people together’ is your aim then bring yourself close to your viewers/readers first.

Make them know and feel whom are they dealing with. Share your life, emotions, success and failures with them and then see if they like you or not.”

Well, here I am – Sanjiv Tyagi, a proud husband of the most beautiful and kindhearted wife, a blessed son of the most loving parents in the entire universe, a brother, a friend, a colleague and above all…. a Human.

To tell you in simple words, my life rests on four major pillar in my life.

I’ll start with telling you about them first.

First pillar of my life - My Father!

I remember how I always wanted to be like him. When I was a kid, I often use to act like him, talk like him, walk like him and many a times stand like him.

His voice was loud and so is mine. Till today my colleagues in office and my family often ask me to be low on volume, but, just like my dad, I always seem to forget!


My father was a man who did not know how to hate. A man - who loved and was loved by one and all. A man – for whom, family and friends were above his own life  - that’s who I wanted to be and that's who I always want to be.

I wouldn’t say that I am not like him. I am, to an extent - but he was million years ahead of me and I know, to reach that level would only remain a dream for me – forever...

But I am trying and I'll keep trying till the day I bid good bye to this world forever....

My Father

My Soul - My Father!


Second pillar of my life - My Mother!


She is the one soul under this sun who could never rest in peace if I was ever in trouble.


My Mother I remember my good old childhood days when she would beat me up for some mischief (I too was mischievous!!- a lot of you may not know this!!) and would then cry over the fact that she slapped me.

She would not eat her food until I had eaten mine. She never ever served me cold food. Even till today if I reach home at 3'O clock in night, she always prepares fresh food for her Sanju.

That's how she love her son - her Sanju!

My Shadow - My Mother!

Give me all the wealth in this world in exchange for my 'Mamma's' love and you'll still find me standing right next to her.... No compromise - Sorry!


So you see? It is not without any reason that I say that I am a blessed soul on this earth.

There is not even a slightest doubt in my mind that my parents are the incarnation of GOD for me. They are my GOD who gave me the most precious gift in life - the life itself...


Third pillar of my life - My Brothers and Sister!


No matter where in the world I live and no matter where on this earth do they stay, the bond that our parents tied us together with, is the strongest between us. We are three brothers to a darling sister and guess what? we are four bodies with one soul, one heart and one bond that keeps us all tied together... and that bond is the love between us...

My Brothers and Sister

My Brothers and Sister - My Sons, My Daughter!

For me, my brothers and sisters are like my children, my own children and if you have a heart of a parent, you know how I feel about them...

Fourth pillar of my life - My Wife.

In India, we believe that wife is the second half of a husband and that they both are incomplete without one another. I am the living proof of that statement. And I tell you, if you haven't got married yet - get married soon. You'll never know what you are missing until you fall in love! I call my love - my 'better half'.

My Engagement Day

The fact that she is such a kind hearted, emotional, understanding, caring and a loving person in my life makes me feel of myself as one of the most fortunate people in this world.

I certainly may have done some good deeds in my previous life to have got such a soul as my life-partner.

The truth is, I really don't have any life without my Meenu...

I am all yours! - for the rest of my life...



Ask me about life and I'll point my finger towards all these four pillars because they are the meaning of life for me.

The 'Other' Side of Sanjiv!

Well, that's what it is about my family, and now, please allow me to share the other side of me too.


Ever since my childhood, I was fascinated by the work of art. Drawing and Painting are some of my passions. I remember when I was in school, every year I use to get the first prize in all the drawing and painting competitions. What a moment of pride it use to be for my parents and my family.

Sanjiv in a Drawing Mood

They say I make Good Paintings, I say  - I Paint 'Love'

I wish I were a Poet!

That's correct! - If I would not have been a software professional, I would have been an artist or a poet or a writer. That's because apart from art and paintings, I also love writing poems and short stories. I keep a diary where I put whatever strikes my mind as a potential theme for my stories or poems (now a days I am also doing this to build this site, you know !).

I love expressing myself in writing. As an example, here's my very short poem that I wrote when I first did my personalized photo gifts page. After re-doing that page I had removed this poem but it still is as fresh in my mind as it was then. Here it is;


I saw her smile... I clicked.
I saw her crawl... I clicked.

I saw her dancing down the hall,
I sang for her... I clicked.

I washed her hands, I washed her face,
I washed her tears... I clicked.

I took her in my arms' embrace,
I prayed for her... I clicked.

I knew that she would miss me too,
I smiled for her.. I clicked.

I let her soar up high in sky,
With pride for her... I clicked.

... I clicked
... I clicked
... I clicked




Next thing close to my heart is Photography.

I LOVE Photography. Give a camera in my hand and see the Magic rolling!

Please don't think I am praising myself, but the fact is that when I get a camera, I feel like capturing every moment of life in all its forms.

Not only do I love taking pictures I try to create  memories out of them. The video on Personalized Photo Gifts page is just a small example of that. I hope you like it.

Water Splash Photography!


They call me an 'Emotional' Fool

Sanjiv Though God has given Head a place above our Heart but somehow I always seem to think much by my heart than by my mind.

I somehow seem to have learnt that 'If you follow your heart you can never go wrong'.

I maybe wrong in my thinking, but that's how I have lived my life and that's what I truly believe in and I must say - I have no regrets!


I have always loved giving gifts. I never believe in the price or the monetary value of the gift. For me, the biggest price is the thought that goes behind that gift. I strongly believe in the following statement which is the essence of this whole site... 


So, Gifting-Emotions is one such step that I wish to take to help people come really close to the ones they love. It is an attempt to give them courage to say 'I Love You and I Care for You' in a most special way. Gifting-Emotions will bring hope for the people to look beyond imaginations - to express the inexpressible, to hear the inner voice of their emotions and to give the most fascinating and emotional gifts to the people who truly mean something more to them.

Why 'Gifting-Emotions' ?

The mission of my site is in fact the mission of my life - To help bring people close to their loved ones and to spread the message of Love.


I want to touch each and every heart in this world and pass on the message that life is meaningless without love and all those lovely people around you. In fact, I believe, there is no life at all without love.


I want to touch every soul and say that as water is essential for a healthy plant so is the need to stay in touch with your loved ones for a healthy relationship. World is too small to not to Love. So don't wait for others to express themselves, reach out to them, touch their heart, touch their lives, express your love, your care, your affection for them and you'll be amazed to see how people respond to your love and affection.


I want to tell the whole world that no matter how high we may have reached we should never forget the contribution of those people who touched our life in some way or the other, be it;

  • Our Parents,

  • Our Brothers and Sisters,

  • Our Wives/Husbands,

  • Our Teachers,

  • Our Friends,

  • Our Colleagues,

  • and never to forget Our GOD!

Blessed are the souls who are loved and have someone to love. They are your best gifts.


I chose personalized gift as the subject of my site because we all love receiving gifts and when you personalize your gift, that gift no longer remains a simple gift. It becomes your identity, an ultimate symbol of your love and affection because of the fact that you not only bought it - you took time and devotion to personalize it for that special someone in your life and that's what counts.

That's all I am ...

To sum it all, Gifting-Emotions is what I am...a soul full of emotions and love. And this soul is not mine alone. All the goodness, if at all I have any, is what my parents gave me, and that’s what I intend to share with you all.

Sanjiv in different Moods

If you feel loved here, if you feel belonging to this piece of web then it’s not because of the beautiful and unique gifts that you find on this site but it is more because of the beauty and the goodness of your heart that knows - that there is something beyond buying and selling that exist between you and me.

I do not say you buy only from my site.  I also do not say that you buy only what I recommend. But what I do say is that if you love someone, – Say it, and say it in the most special way. Make that special someone really happy. Bring a smile on their face – because that’s what counts the real worth of your life.

If my site or I could be of some help to you or your loved ones in any way – I’ d consider it as the greatest tribute and homage to my father, who is no more with us (but who always stays in my heart forever...)

I know you’d say that I have written so much about my family, my father, emotions and life. Well, to tell you the truth - this is all that I am and if you would have felt the page talking to you then you’d have known that I have written everything about myself...everything.

If you have an personal story or an experience to share with us, please do not hesitate to click here. Remember, Love spreads when you share it with others!

May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi


SBI Special Prize






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