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Here we go;



My sister sent me your site and I couldn't help but get very emotional while reading your About Me page. Your wife was right to encourage you to write about you. You are a gift to life itself. When someone goes to your site, they receive more than the actual items to send to their loved ones, they can feel the love that eminates from you into the world.

Thank you for being persistent in pursuing the work it took to put this site together. It would be difficult for someone to close out your site and not feel a sense of love.

Juanita Shay, Canada.








Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I took another peek at your website and you've accomplished great things, big improvements! I especially enjoyed the music that accompanies the photos on the homepage (for your wife's birthday present). You are right. It does not matter if you cannot understand the words, the music still speaks to you.


Congratulations. I wish you much success. You deserve it. Say hello to your wife. I think that in many ways she is one of your main driving forces.


Bless you all.

Patricia Lalonde, USA.






Good Morning!

I looked at your site, and all I can say is that I wish more people in the world could experience and be able to offer that love with no strings attached. One of the best things I liked to read was your wife's comments about needing to share yourself with your viewers. How very true! By the way, she is a beautiful lady, and insightful too, judging by her advice to you. Your site is lovely. What you have is lovely and the words you use can easily bring tears to the eyes.

My very best wishes to you and your family. You sound like a person with a great heart, and I'm honored by your comments, the feelings of caring for other humans that you exude via the words you use. You just may be a poet at heart!

Once again, THANK YOU.

May God bless you and your loved ones every day of your life.

Patricia Lalonde, USA.






Hello Sir,


This site is really very nice. Your daughter will feel proud when she will see this site. I think every daughter will pray to have father like yours. I am glad that i know you.



Amruta Marathe (India)







The site is marvelous. I felt this site will really touch the heart of everyone who visits it. And as it reflects ur emotions, it will reflect everyone's emotion. ...thanks.....


Ashwini Sawant (India)




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May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi





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