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Personalized Photo Gifts are one of the best ways to express your love and affection for your loved ones. And when it comes to "matters of heart", I can bet that nothing comes close to personalized photo gifts - Simply - Nothing!


Want an example? Watch this video...


For My Love on her Birthday!


If you are a non-Hindi speaking person, you probably may not understand the lyrics.of the song being played in this video. BUT, who said that music is Language bound? I'm sure you'd be able to enjoy this video slideshow as much as I enjoyed creating it for my Love!

It was her birthday and I wanted to surprise her with something unique. Something that she may have never received as a gift.

And what I ended up doing was this video slideshow that you see on the left of this section.

You're right - the beauty in the video is - The love of my life - My Meenu (that's what I call her!)

It may not have been one of those best ones that I always wanted to do for her - but even this was not a bad start - I think!

Now, can you believe what happened when she started watching this video?



























As she watched this video I could clearly see the expressions on her face. And by the time the video ended she was all in tears. As the tears rolled down her cheeks she turned to me and wanted to say something but her voice choked and instead of saying anything she gave me the biggest, warmest hug ever.


That was her 'Thank You' to me !


It was her birthday but I felt as if I got the real gift...


I guess, that's what we call - Love! - Isn't it?


Now, how much did it cost me to do this video?


The answer is - Just a little bit of imagination and every bit of my love for her.


And how much did it mean to her?


Well, is there any better answer to this question than her tearful eyes?


So what I mean to say is that if life has been so good to you to give people who love you so much, then why not thank life and those people from the bottom of your heart?


Pictures Speak Louder than Words!


Pictures are a reflection of life and memories.


When you give a photo gift, you help the receiver re-live those memorable days and experience the joy of knowing you. Picture gift stays forever in the place it is meant to be - the heart of your precious ones.


So when it comes to giving gifts, never underestimate the power of a Photo Gift. An elegant and a thoughtful photo gift can go well beyond what you might have ever imagined.


Personalized Photo Mug   How do I create a Photo Gift?


Well, as daunting as it may seem, the fact is that it is much easier and a fun filled activity than you might think!


And by the time you'd finish reading this page, you'd have mastered this art to perfection!


Yes, its that easy!


Just follow these simple steps that I am listing below and you'll be on your way for a 'bound to be hit' present!


Step 1 : Choose your Occasion

First of all, decide what occasion do you want to create your photo gift for.

The answer could as well be 'Just like that!!'

But, just for the sake of simplicity, here are some examples;

  • Say your sister is going to have her first baby, how about gifting a  picture throw or a photo afghan having the picture of the 'would be' parents on it?, or

  • Let's pretend! that you hubby is a computer wizard (like me !!), how about a surprise photo mouse-pad gift for him. So the next time he feels tired, you are right there looking up to him to say 'Relax my love, I'm here!'...

and here's another touching example...

  • Lets say Its a father's day and your best         friend is getting ready to go to office.

He reaches out to cupboard for his tie and what he comes out with is a surprise gift of his lifetime... a beautiful tie with a most adorable photo of his one month old daughter, 'Dana'.


(I love babies! so I gave a fictitious name - you don't have to put Dana's Photo!!)


Now, isn't that a great gift for a Dad?...


Can you ever imagine how deeply this 'father friend' of yours might be moved by your emotional thought and this extraordinary gift?... I'm sure you can 'feel' it very well.

Personalized Photo Tie

An Emotional Dad!

Each occasion has its own significance...its own importance. It is up to us how meaningful and memorable we wish to make it. So make the best of every opportunity that life gives you.


If you have thought of such an occasion we are now ready for our next move - right?



Step 2: Bring out those memorable pictures!


Personalized Photo Gifts Collage
Incredible moments of Life - Personalize Them!


Next thing, search your computer hard drive, disk, memory card, camcorder, albums, CDs anything and come up with a set of photos or photo to make this occasion 'extra special'.


Don't worry I'm here with you all the way - so relax and keep going. Your gift will definitely make a difference - believe me!


Want an idea of what you can do with those photos? Click here to see it! You might like to visit the listed categories, If so, please be my guest!


Got the Pics? - Good! Move to Step 3 below.


Step 3: Search online for Personalization Services


Search Personalized Photo Gifts Online

Once you have the pictures ready, look for some good sites that can help you create your personalized photo gift.


Each of the categories listed here has a list of my recommended online services that can help you fulfill your personalized dream!


I use their services quite often and have recommended them to thousands of my visitors. Believe me, they have never let me down. 

Who said it is difficult ? - See, even I can do it !  


They are perhaps one of the best people who could add great value to your personalization efforts. So visit each of them to see which suites best to your needs, and of course, your budget!


Personally, I would always go for quality. When I don't compromise on the quality of feelings (you might wonder what that means!) then how can I compromise on quality of gifts for the people who mean so much to me?


So, am I saying buy expensive gifts?


No, Certainly not.


Remember, quality never comes cheap BUT on the same note, your gift need not be the most expensive gift. Rather, it 'just' has to be the most elegant, most touching, most impressive, highly personalized and 'uniquely' unique !!!


Now, the best part is that you can get all this in the best affordable prices. Just spend some time visiting vendor sites listed in the categories given below and see it for yourself. I am absolutely sure that you won't regret giving your time to them. Try it!


Once you Zero-In on any one vendor, move to step 4!



Step 4: Upload your Photos



Upload Photos

So you found the site that best suits your needs and budget - Good.


Now's the time to do the 'real work'.


Select the gift that you wish to personalize and then upload your photos to the site.


Then, select the layout/style from all the different choices that are available to you.


I'm sure you must have decided what gift you wish to personalize. These sites give you many options for gifts. You may select from them or just in case you're still looking for something that's not there, take an idea or two from Here.


Uploaded your photos? - Fantastic! - Lets go ahead to step 5.



Step 5: Add a personalized message


Happy Mother's Day Note

After adding your photos, you could also add your personalized short message to your gift.


Mostly, one or two liners are allowed free of charge. If you wish to add more text, the service vendor might charge you on per word or per line basis.


But when it is being written for someone special - who cares about the charge!!! - Right?


Don't worry, the charges are not high at all!


I Love my Mom!




Step 6: Address it!


Once you're done with uploading photos and adding your personalized message, its time to let them know where to send your personalized photo gift.


So, enter your mailing address. You could also give individual addresses of the people you wish to send these gifts individually to.  The site (the one you selected out of my recommended sites) would stamp, address and send them for you to your loved ones - right on time!


You're done!

That's right - its all set for you.

Was it difficult at all?

Of course not!

And even if you did stumble a bit here and there then what's wrong with that?

After all 'No Pain - no Gain! - Isn't it?

Personalized Photo Stamps
On top of that, when you are doing it for someone special it obviously has to be special.

Personalized Stamp for my Bhanu & Puru!

Want to know who are they? - Click Here!


And anything special takes its own time.


What I can do for you is -> show you all the different ways to make your moments a little 'extra special', but it is YOU who has to go that extra mile to show that you really care.....


.... and I know, that you do care....



What are my options?



Good Questions! - I knew you would ask this.


If you ask me, I would say there's no limit to what you can do with those beautiful photos!, but, having said that, I wouldn't like to leave you all alone in the ocean of thoughts wondering 'what should I do now?'.


Given below are some of the innumerous gifts categories that you can choose from. Let's see what catches your eye! and, Imagination!. So here we go ....


Personalized Photo Greeting Card Personalized Photo Mug Personalized Photo Mouse Pads
Photo Cards Photo Mugs Photo Mouse pads
Personalized Photo Coasters Personalized Photo Canvas and Prints Personalized Photo Shirt
Photo Coasters Photo Canvas & Prints Photo Apparel
Personalized Photo Clock and Watches Personalized Photo Magnets Personalized Photo Puzzle
Photo Clocks/Watches Photo Magnet Photo Puzzle
Personalized Photo Afghan Personalized Photo Tote Bags Personalized Photo Jewelry
Photo Afghan Photo Tote-Bags & Purses Photo Jewelry
Personalized Photo Album & Frames Personalized Photo Calenders Personalized Photo Books
Photo Album & Frames Photo Calenders Photo Books
Personalized Photo Crystal Personalized Photo Pillow Personalized Photo Keepsake Box
Photo Crystal Photo Quilts/Pillows Photo Keepsake Boxes
Personalized Photo Family Tree Frames Photo Snow Globe Personalized Photo Cube
Photo Family Tree Photo Snow Globe Photo Cube


There's more coming soon! So keep watching!


I'm sure all this information that I have just shared with you would certainly help you make an informed decision regarding your gift choices for your loved ones.


If I was of some help, I'm glad and thank you for taking time to be here. If not, please don't hesitate to write to me about your experience on this site and help me make your next visit - more productive and - Memorable!


May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi



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