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Sanjiv Tyagi - That's Me ! I wrote Share-with-us page for you to share with us your story, your ideas, your emotions and your experiences.

But, 'What about me? How do I share?

So here's a place for me to share my gifts with my family, friends and YOU!

Here, you'll find all those gifts that I personally create for my loved ones. In a way it is like my personal diary of my emotions, my feelings, my passion for gifts and my love for personalization.

That's me! in "Sea World, San Diego"  

Here's a small and highly personalized collection of my gifts. I put my heart and soul to anything that I create.

Personalized Video for my brother and sister-in-law

This is the video that I created for my brother and sister-in-law (My Bhaiya and Bhabhi; that's what Brother and Sister-in-law means in my India!). Its a small gesture to express my feelings for them in the form of a short and emotional video. Read what happened when they saw it!...


Those rare moments in my life

This is another video slideshow that I had shot and created while I was in India. I was about to return back to US in 2005 when I visited my sister at her residence. It was there that I shot this and it became one of those 'gem-of-a-gift' for her...


Personalized only for 'Sanjiv Uncle'!

Here you'll learn about my friend's little daughter who shares a very close and an emotional bond with me (her Sanjiv Uncle!). See how she personalizes each and every gift for me for my birthday. Meet a soul who never forgot my birthday...


Did you like my gift? Have anything to say? Have an experience or gift story to share? Click Here and let us know... and we'll be glad to share it with the world...

May God always be with you and all those whom you Love...


With all the love in my heart,

Emotionally Yours,
Sanjiv Tyagi







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